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Well this blog isn't the only blog about how "cheaters" ruin the contest.

Are you trying hard to increase your rating? , Are you trying hard to reach your dream rank ... Pupil , specialist , expert or any other upper rank but you are failing again and again .... Let me tell you the easiest way to reach there ... Just click the above link and join the above discord group. Here you'll have the solutions to atleast 3 questions during the contest and there you'll learn how to ruin the contest for those who are honestly attempting it .

Wanna see how the discord group works , how you'll get the solutions ... Let me show you.

So instead of working hard , please learn something from "cheaters" how to work smartly, how to achieve things without working hard for it.

From now onwards don't get demotivated if you aren't able to solve questions during the contest, just go to the group and copy it.

Plea to the cheaters : Please stop cheating guys , stop ruining contests for those who are really trying hard. I don't wanna sound rude but you guys are "undeserving" to every upper rank even for pupil.

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