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Invitation to the University of Alberta Programming Contest 2023 (Open Division)

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The University of Alberta would like to invite you to participate in the open division of the University of Alberta Programming Contest 2023.

(This image is more relevant for in-person participants, but it's all I have c:)

The contest starts on March 11 at 11am Mountain Time.

The open division will be held on Kattis at Closer to the start of the contest, a button will appear on that site allowing you to join the contest — there is no need to register ahead of time.

The format for teams competing in person is a team-of-<=3 four-hour contest with one computer. While we encourage those participating in the open division to replicate these conditions as closely as possible (since this is what the contest was designed for), we recognize this may not be possible or wanted for some. Teams/individuals competing in the open division are not bound by the same rules as those competing in-person. Note that there are no prizes for the open division.

The difficulty of the contest will be comparable to some of the easier NA ICPC regionals such as rocky mountain regional. To get a better idea of the expected difficulty, you can view the problems from last year.

We hope you participate in and enjoy the contest :)


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