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The Algorithm or Algorithms was named after Muhammad bin Musa Al-Khwarizmi, the Arab mathematician, and what is meant by algorithms in the field of programming are the steps that we use to solve the problems that we meet. And that's it And of course, there is a basis in his book, the algorithm, not anything, and that's it, I can say about it algorithm 1- Simplicity: This is an important thing in writing any algorithm so that I, as a programmer, can turn it into code that I really use. The simpler the steps you use, the easier it is for you to use them later

2 General: And here what is meant by it is that when I create an algorithm, I do it in a way that I can use it on a large scale. I mean, for example, I can’t say 1 + 2 = 3. This is an algorithm because it has a limited scale, which is only these two numbers. But it is possible that x + y = z is an algorithm. So I can use any number and it will do exactly the same job 3- Efficiency: And here we will need to understand the concept of efficiency in programming, and this is in order to be able to measure the efficiency of any algorithm, and the main factor here is the time.

So, do we understand from this statement that there are really existing algorithms that I can use? Oh, of course, there are very many, but we will take simple examples from them, so that it does not prolong you more than that

1- Sort Algorithms or ranking algorithms The arrangement algorithm is one of the most studied and researched algorithms in the field of computer science in general. Its aim is to arrange a large number of elements in a specific order, so that it will be easier for me after that to connect it. Of course, you can write it in any programming language that you use. The most important thing is to understand its principle and one of the most important algorithms. arrangement Merge Sort Quick Sort Heap sort Bubble Sort 2- The Search Algorithms or search algorithms And this is used to search for a specific element in a place, whether it is databases or array objects, for example, and one of the most famous examples of it is binary search or binary search, and this depends on dividing the elements in half each time until we reach the element to look for it Of course, there are many examples of algorithms, but we will suffice with these for now SALAH


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