Codeforces Round #866 (Div.1, Div.2, based on Lipetsk Team Olympiad)
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Hello, Codeforces!↵

This Saturday VIII Lipetsk Team Olympiad, a competition for high school students from all over the country, will be held in Lipetsk. May be you participated in previous Codeforces rounds based on our problems (rounds [643]( and [791](↵

The round will start at [contest_time:1819] and will last for 2 hours. **Please notice the unusual time.** Each division will have 6 problems. The round will be held according to the Codeforces rules and will be rated for both divisions.↵

Problems were proposed and prepared by [user:Um_nik,2023-04-12], [user:DishonoredRighteous,2023-04-12], [user:FairyWinx,2023-04-12], [user:golikovnik,2023-04-12], [user:teraqqq,2023-04-12], [user:grphil,2023-04-12], [user:Kon567889,2023-04-12], [user:TeaTime,2023-04-14], [user:Tikhon228,2023-04-12] and [user:dshindov,2023-04-12].↵

I would like to thank [user:Artyom123,2023-04-12] for great round coordination and our testers: [user:Ormlis,2023-04-14], [user:bashkort,2023-04-14], [user:iakovlev.zakhar,2023-04-14], [user:Mangooste,2023-04-14], [user:Siberian,2023-04-14], [user:SomethingNew,2023-04-14], [user:stepanov.aa,2023-04-14], [user:talant,2023-04-14], [user:Aaeria,2023-04-14], [user:Alexdat2000,2023-04-14], [user:qxforever,2023-04-14], [user:Renatyss,2023-04-14], [user:Renedyn,2023-04-14], [user:sevlll777,2023-04-14], [user:valerikk,2023-04-14], [user:Tiagodfs,2023-04-14], [user:ezraft,2023-04-14], [user:Gornak40,2023-04-14], [user:kbats183,2023-04-14], [user:Nathan_McKane,2023-04-14], [user:nik_sn,2023-04-14], [user:Nitelike,2023-04-14], [user:Tilt,2023-04-14], [user:ak2006,2023-04-14], [user:KiruxaLight,2023-04-14], [user:9kin,2023-04-14].↵

Of course, I would like to thank all Codeforces team for this beautiful platform!↵

Scoring distribution will be announced later.↵

I hope you will enjoy our problems. Wish you good luck and high rating!


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