Take care of your health!

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[This blog is about my little story with advice]

I have cavity problems in my 7 teeth for a long time. Last month I feel pain in those teeth very highly. So I took an appointment with a dentist. He prescribed me to do an x-ray of my whole mouth. After seeing the report he told me something that I wasn't prepared for. He said I have to have removed 4 teeth out of those 7 because the root of those teeth has infections. If I haven't removed them it could lead me to mouth cancer! For this reason, I removed my 4 gum teeth (two from the lower left and two from the lower right) 5 days ago. After removing those teeth I can't eat properly because I can't chew. The saddest thing is that I'm still not safe from the cancer. I have to continue my treatment. The remaining 3 teeth are under treatment of RCT (Root Canal Treatment).

The advice from me to you my dearest community is, Take care of your physical health as well as mental health. If you are not properly fit you can't do anything. If you are fit you can achieve any goal of yours maybe today or tomorrow. Don't forget Health is Wealth.


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