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Gathering motivation to reach CM by October.

Revision en3, by obiwan_kenobi, 2024-05-26 19:07:01

Lately I have been thinking that I want to really push myself to get good rating on codeforces but I've been putting things off for way too long and I guess I kinda want to do that now, but as a very lazy and bottom feeder human I lack the motivation and commitment to do that so I am gathering negative comments so that I can improve myself. I know a lot of people are going to be like this is not the way to do things but guys just let me do things my way and just provide me with the only thing you can that's really mean comments and hate.

P.S. don't hold back :)


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en3 English obiwan_kenobi 2024-05-26 19:07:01 2 Tiny change: '.\n\nP.S. I don't hol' -> '.\n\nP.S. don't hol'
en2 English obiwan_kenobi 2024-03-31 16:53:51 17
en1 English obiwan_kenobi 2024-03-31 16:07:02 623 This is just for fun so please don't take anything the wrong way just play along ok and I kinda might have lost a bet. (published)