Lightning Striked Twice!

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Can lightening strike twice? Yes it can!

When I first went to Div 1 in 2011, I went to bed happily. Next morning, I saw this post from Mike: The new rating system adjusted my rating, and my "color change" has only lasted about 12 hours or so. I remember the famous line from Mike's post, "but let's look ahead with optimism — new victories will bring the lost color back color and help to win the proud title of a Grandmaster!"

Let's not become grandmaster for the time being. I later managed to become Candidate Master somewhere in 2012, during my last year of ACM ICPC. After that, I became irregular in Codeforces. A few months back, I decided to take part in the CF rounds regularly, and in the last round, successfully regained my position in Div 1 again, and guess what happened next? You guessed it! The rating system changed again, and I was sent back to Div 2 again!

I understand that the changes are made for a reason, and I'm fine with that. Wishing high ratings to all the participants. :)

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