Codeforces Round #333

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Hello everyone!

CF round #333 (both divisions) is going to take place in a few days. The authors of this round are me and Baklazan.

By total coincidence, I'm the author of even-indexed problems and Baklazan the author of odd-indexed problems. Now I'm going to let you wonder if it's 0-based or 1-based :D.

As usual, thanks to GlebsHP for his help (in particular, helping us not overkill the problems), MikeMirzayanov for CF and Polygon.

I wish good results and rating changes to those who earn it, as well as a zero-sum rating update to everyone.

According to tradition, the score distribution will be revealed right before the contest.

P.S.: Does anyone know how to properly post GIFs on CF? The source code indicates that images get uploaded to CF, which kills the animation. And yes, I've tried both Markup and img-tag approaches. Various ones.

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