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TCO15 Algorithm track live coverage

Revision en13, by cgy4ever, 2015-11-11 02:08:04

Hello everyone! Tomorrow we will know who is the TCO2015 Algorithm winner!

Do you remember misof did live coverage in previous years like this:

This year he is not here at Indy. rng_58 and me (we coordinate TCO algorithm contest together this year) will do live coverage this time!

You will be able to read them here:

Today I will post some updates about Marathon contest to make sure I know how to post picture / video quicky, and you can get familiar with that facebook page.

Please let me know what you want to see beside the following:

  1. Problem Statements

  2. Simple editorial

  3. Live update (like: tourist submitted his Hard with 789.01 score / Petr start to write Medium, seems he is on the good track!)

  4. Photo of current scoreboard (is that needed?)

Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Update: We just heard that contestants have internet access during the contest. So we can't publish statements / solutions until the end of challenge phase. We will publish solutions after the end of challenge phase.

Update2: We will publish problem statements once all contestants opened it.




Result (Top 5 advanced to finals):





Petr and ACRush

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