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Hello Codeforces :)

The third round of HourRank is here and I am glad to be able to welcome you all. The contest will be held on 02:00UTC Wednesday, 2 December 2015. You can sign up for the contest from here.

The contest is rated and top 10 contestants from leaderboard will win HackerRank T-Shirts :D

The contest contains four challenges that are prepared by me (forthright48). I want to thank the HackerRank team and Shafaet, wanbo, svanidz1 and Arterm for testing the tasks.

Contestants will have 1 hour to solve these problems, which I hope is enough, but not more than enough. I hope you will enjoy your hour with Kontes, Professor Numerico, Dumdum and Karas.

Best of luck for the contest. See you on leaderboard.

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