India Hacks 2016: awesome prizes and original problems. Qualification round 1

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Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce you about the new contest organised by HackerEarthIndia Hacks 2016!

Just check out the prizes:

There will be 3 qualification rounds with 3 hours duration each. From each qualifier top 1000 participants will advance to the main contest, so the final is going to be a decent battle of 3000 coders.

The first qualification round is taking place on Sunday, January 3, 18.30 Moscow time. View your time here

The problems of the first round were kindly prepared by RomaWhite. As you might already guessed I'm the tester and editorialist. In my opinion this problem set is very nice because it requires more thinking than implementation, but on the other hand most of the problems are not very hard, so it will be a good warm-up for your brain after New Year celebration :)

In order to participate register here.

Important note: this contest has a partial scoring system and all the problems have subtasks. It means that if you don't know how to solve some problem you should try your best to get some partial solution.

Bye-bye and I hope to see you all participating and having fun :)

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