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Codeforces Round #342 (Div. 2)

Revision en4, by GlebsHP, 2016-02-07 22:45:45

Hello, community!

Tomorrow Codeforces Round #342 is going to take place. It will share the problemset with Moscow Olympiads in Informatics for students of grades from 6 to 9. Though, grades from 6 to 9 in Russia usually match the ages from 12 to 15, I guarantee that everyone (even Div. 1 participants) will find some interesting problems to solve. Problems were selected for you by the Moscow jury team: Zlobober, _meshanya_, romanandreev, Helena Andreeva and me; and prepared by members of our scientific committee: wilwell, sender, iskhakovt, thefacetakt and feldsherov.

Scoring distribution will be quite unusual: 750-750-1000-2000-3000.

UPD System testing is over. Here are the top 10:

  1. _XuMuk_
  2. pandamonium
  3. latisel
  4. zetamoo
  5. yukariko
  6. I_Love_Ximera
  7. KittyLover
  8. shdut
  9. harry.zhao
  10. luke0201

Congratulation! Also, problems seemed to be too tough, we should have probably made Div. 1 round. Anyway, thanks for participating, I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new!

Thanks to romanandreev for nice analysis.


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