Google Code Jam 2016 Warmups

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After running the contest in the past 4 years, I'm back to participate as a contestant again in Google Code Jam. And since I almost didn't solve problems recently, so I wanted to make few warmups for Code Jam.

I will make a short daily warmup contest until Code Jam qualification round, and after the qualification round I'll make it less frequent. Each contest will be 2 hours long, and will contain 5 problems. All problems will be from Codeforces. Until the qualification round, I'll select easy-medium problems, and after that I'll select harder problems, the problems difficulty will be similar to the difficulty of the coming Code Jam round.

I'll start with 4 contests starting from tomorrow, one every day and they will start at the same time.

Here are the first 4 contests:

Edit 1: The first contest is over, with 35 contestants who made at least 1 submission, and 200 submissions in total. It was a good warmup for me.

ِEdit 2: The second contest will start in 30 minutes.

ِEdit 3: The third contest will start in 30 minutes.

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