VK Cup 2016 — Wild Card Round 2

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April 25, 18:00 (UTC) the second Wild-card round of VK Cup 2016 will take place.

Participants are invited to achieve progress in solving an unusual problem. VK Cup teams which were advanced to the Round 2 (and didn't advance to the Round 3) will take part in VK Cup 2016 - Wild Card Round 2 officially. In addition, this round will be open to the public for unofficial participation for everybody. Registration will be open for the whole round duration.

The round will be one week long. After the end latest submission (with positive score) of each participant will be judged on system tests.

Good luck!

UPD 1: Unfortunately, it turned out that most of current tests were not various enough and did not cover different scenarios of the testing system. Tests in the system have been updated, all submissions will be rejudged. Perhaps the rejudging process will take some time. In addition, the scoring function has been updated (its monotony maintained). Because of this, points for your submissions changed a bit. The restriction on the number of submissions has been added (up to 20000). Check out the updated statement for details.

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