National Selections for IOI

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Hi. I was wondering what are the selections systems for IOI in different conutries. As far as I know, in math olympiad you can find the tasks from national selection contests translated into English, and I want to know if there is any such place for the informatics one. Romania's tasks, for example, unfortunately, are not translated into English and official solutions are hard to find (still, the tasks are available for solving and can be found at this site, the problems which have on the "sursa" column the words "lot" and "seniori" in the "arhiva de probleme" section are tasks from our national selection contests, around 18 per year). What about you? Where can I find your national OI tasks (preferably with an oline judge)? Is there any place where we can find their official solutions? I think that the answers for this question will help a lot of the high-school students to improve their skills.

PS: Please don't forget, when answering the question, to say wheter there exists a place where we can find the tasks, preferably with an online judge, or not.

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