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About the time limits of main.edu.pl problems

Revision en1, by ko_osaga, 2016-06-07 08:18:08

When I’m using main.edu.pl for solving problems, I found that there is no time limits specified for each problem. For POI problems I tried to find the official problemset pdf files, but seems like they don’t provide any of them T.T

At first I thought that the TL was 1 second for all problems, but with that assumption, lot’s of problems can’t be solved. So, if the problem has diverse complexities (especially those involving sqrts), I have to “guess” the time limit, or submit any solutions that compiles :(

So, here’s my question : Is there any way to find the official time limit of main.edu.pl problem, without actually submitting to it? I would appreciate for any help on it :)

(slightly unrelated, but I think that main.edu.pl will be a really great judge if it supports c++11 :p)


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