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Hello CodeForces Community!

We are a few hours away from the SnackDown 2016 Finale. The atmosphere here at the Onsite Finale is amazing. All the teams here seem excited for the final contest.

In parallel to the Onsite Finale there will be a mirror contest of the onsite finale and I’d like to invite you to participate in it. The SnackDown Onsite Finale Mirror Contest will begin at 12:00 PM, 9 th July.

For the finals, the problems have been set and tested by kingofnumbers (Hassan Jaddouh), me (kevinsogo), Cherrytree (Sergey Kulik), utkarshl (Utkarsh Lath) and Antoniuk (Vasya Antoniuk), the translations were written by huzecong (Hu Zecong) for Mandarin, Antoniuk (Vasya Antoniuk) along with Cherrytree (Sergey Kulik) for Russian and VNOI Team for Vietnamese. The contest admin and language verifier is PraveenDhinwa (Praveen Dhinwa).


  • You can register in a team of two or can go solo into the contest. The Onsite Finale Mirror Contest starts at 12:00 PM 9 th July.

  • If you are yet to register, you can do so here:

  • The contest format requires you to participate in a team of 2 or you can go solo. The prizes for the winners of the contest will be 5000 INR for the one who secures the first position and 3000 INR for the runner up.

See you all at the contest.


Kevin Charles Atienza

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