Google Code Jam / APAC Test plugin

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Every time we solve questions in google code we need to solve it for both small and large inputs. We need to perform some repetitive routine tasks like creating folders for each question, then folders for small and large and then executing for both inputs. I have created a plugin / file manager action that will do these tasks just by right clicking in the specified folder. Also it will copy a specified template c++ program in both Small and Large folders.

The git repository is maintained here with instructions for installations.

Future Works : I also would like to add some new features like automatically submitting a solution and output file, automatically fetching the problem list and creating the folders for all the problems. Also downloading pdfs for all the problems.

I would also be creating a plugin for Codeforces Regular Division Rounds.

UPDATE 1 : I have created a plugin for Codeforces regular round with basic functionalities to create folders and execute programs. I have added a blog here

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