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710A - King Moves

Easy to see that there are only three cases in this problem. If the king is in the corner of the board the answer is 3. If the king is on the border of the board but not in a corner then the answer is 5. Otherwise the answer is 8.

С++ solution

Complexity: O(1).

710B - Optimal Point on a Line

The function of the total distance is monotonic between any pair of adjacent points from the input, so the answer is always in some of the given points. We can use that observation to solve the problem by calculating the total distance for each point from the input and finding the optimal point.

The other solution uses the observation that the answer is always is the middle point (by index) in the sorted list of the given points. The last fact is also can be easily proven.

C++ solution

Complexity: O(nlogn).

710C - Magic Odd Square

The problem was suggested by Resul Hangeldiyev Resul.

The solution can be got from the second sample testcase. Easy to see that if we place all odd numbers in the center in form of rhombus we will get a magic square.

C++ solution

Complexity: O(n2).

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