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Hello, Codeforces!

At the request of Zlobober and other users I has implemented notifications on mentions. See the bell on the top of the page?

So far there is only the basic functionality and it is incomplete. But let's start with it for now.

Now notifications appear on mentions in comments only. For now it is impossible to disable it. We do not send anything on your email.

Let's test it together and understand how to move forward with this functionality.

From planned, proposed, discussed:

  • Notifications on сhanges in the comments, on blog posts and their edits (if mentioned once, do not send more on edits)
  • When you scroll, show a bell on the right side of the page, visually similar to the arrow ``scroll up'' on the left,
  • Possible we will restrict functionality to avoid abuse from inadequate users
  • Special setting the profile
  • Move other notifications to the new system (notifications on talks?)
  • Shows a typical informational box in the right bottom on new notification

What else will be thinking?

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