Unable to understand runtime error in Codecraft (Round 391) Problem — C

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I tried to solve the problem by creating a 10 — character hash code for every pokemon for every gym in which it appears and then appending all hash codes for every type of pokemon.

The hash code format is : Gym Number(padded to 5 digits) + Number of occurrences in given gym(padded to 5 digits)

I decided on 5 digits for each part since max. value is 100000, which can be rolled back to 00000.

The hash codes are entered into a trie for processing. The trie is implemented using node pointer with 10 child nodes, representing each of the digits.

The expected memory complexity of my solution is — O(Total number of pokemons * 10)

Since total number of pokemons is at max 5*10^5 , memory used is at most around 5 * 10^6.

Is this a large enough memory consumption to cause runtime error?

Thanks in advance

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