Are Codeforces pages sometimes rendered blank during fast browsing with Firefox?

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In the last few weeks or even months I've noticed that my use scenario for Codeforces became broken. Here it is:

  1. Open the main page.
  2. Scan "Recent actions" for interesting posts.
  3. Open all of them in new tabs with mouse.
  4. Go and read posts and comments.

The problem is: approximately half of 5-10 opened tabs is rendered empty. Empty in the following sense: there is tab's title, one can see source HTML (e.g. the page is loaded), but the page itself is completely blank. DOM tree contains something (not too much), but <body>'s height is zero:

For comparison, here is the same page, rendered correctly (note that now we have several new scripts and a <div id="body">):

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take Firefox on Windows. My version is 52.0.2 (32 bit). I was unable to reproduce the problem in Chrome.
  2. Take arbitrary ISP — I was able to reproduce the problem both directly and via encrypted proxy.
  3. You don't have to log in — I was able to reproduce the problem in a fresh Firefox session (firefox -P -no-remote and create a new profile; this guarantees no strange cookies on external websites). However, I was unable to reproduce the problem in "Private Browsing".
  4. Open the main Codeforces' page.
  5. Hold down Ctrl and click link to an arbitrary user's profile from "Top rated". Click it fast: 10-20 times during several seconds.
  6. Check all tabs one-by-one:
  • Expectation: after loading indicator stops spinning, page is rendered and I can see Codeforces' logo and user's profile.
  • Reality: some tabs, even after loading indicator disappears, remain completely blank.

I suspect that this is caused by some cookies set by either Codeforces or its analytics/like scripts (e.g. VK/Facebook).

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