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Hello everyone. I've been attending contests for a while now. In order to test my code against sample cases, I came up with a command line tool. It runs your code against the sample cases and shows the result (expected output versus user output) and verdict(AC, WA, TLE, RTE). All this without leaving the terminal. I would really appreciate if you try it out and give some feedback so that I can make it better.

You can prefetch your cases so that you can test them later offline. Or just test your code on the fly.

Install with pip install --user ACedIt

  • acedit -s codeforces -c 86 -p D -f (prefetch cases from problem 86-D)
  • acedit --set-default-site codeforces (so that you dont need to mention the site everytime)
  • acedit --run solve.cpp -c 835 -p D (run your code against the cases of 835-D)
  • acedit --run -s codechef -c AUG17 -p CHEFFA (similar as above, but with Codechef)

For complete usage instructions, click here

Thanks a lot for your time!!

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