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Simple but often unknown theorems/lemmas/formula? Do you know?

Revision en8, by duckladydinh, 2017-11-28 04:39:46

Hallo everyone,

Do you know any simple formulas that are often unknown to many? For me, some can be mentioned are

  • Graph: Euler characteristic, Handshaking theorem, Caley Formula, Kirchhoff's theorem, Kőnig's theorem

  • Polygon: 2-Ear Theorem, incenter formula of a triangle, pick theorem, Shoelace Formula

  • Logic: Pigeonhole

  • Prime: Fermat, Wilson's theorem

  • Number: McNugget theorem

  • Fibonacci: Zeckendorf's theorem

  • Counting: Burnside Lemma, stars and bars

  • Combinatorics Identity: Vandermonde's Identity, Hockey-stick identity

  • Math: Linearity of Expectation

  • Other: harmonic series sum

... And what about you? Can you share some?

Thank you.


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