Good Bye 2017

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Hello everyone!

Another year has gone by. The last Codeforces contest of this year will be tomorrow, 29 Dec, 15:35 UTC.

The round details:

  • combined div1+div2
  • 8 problems
  • 2.5 hours
  • rated!!!

I'd like to thank the following people for helping with the round: KAN, winger, AlexFetisov, zemen, xiaowuc1, MikeMirzayanov. Without them, this round would not have been possible.

Scoring distribution will be posted later. Make sure to read ahead on the problems, since there may be some later problems that are easier for you. I hope to see you all at the contest, and good luck on the last chance to increase your rating this year!

EDIT1: The scoring distribution is 500-750-1000-1750-1750-2000-2750-3500

EDIT2: There will be a five minute delay for starting.

EDIT3: Editorial is here:

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