Persistent segment tree ( Problems )

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This blog is just the list of problems for Persistent segment tree. Before start you can learn the topic from here , here & here

1.SPOJ,MKTHNUM,K-th Number


3.SPOJ,COT,Count on a tree

4.SPOJ,TTM,To the moon

5.lightoj,1188,Fast Queries

6.CF,813E,Army Creation

7.CF,707D,Persistent Bookcase

8.CF,762E,Radio stations

9.Hackerrank,Kth Number

10.CF,547E,Mike and Friends

11.CF,588E,Duff in the Army

12.CF,786C,Till I Collapse

13.CF,226E,Noble Knights Path

14.CF,653F,Paper task

15.Codechef,DISTNUM2,Easy Queries

16.CF,837G,Functions On The Segments

17.CF,484E,Sign on Fence

18.CF,464E,The Classic Problem

19.Devskill,301,Balanced array

20.CF,833B,The Bakery


22.HackerEarth,Dexter and Gangs

Note: Some problem may not need Persistent segment tree but can be solved using this.

Please share your knowledge, problems and links on this topic.

Happy New year 2018 to all CF community.


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