Machine Learning Help! Hackerrank GS CodeSprint 2018 — Easy Problem!

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Dear coders,

Last weekend, there was a Machine Learning contest on Hackerrank, namely GS CodeSprint 2018. It was my first time participating on a Machine Learning contest, so the result was horrible, but the important thing is: it is fun. During the contest, I only attempted to solve the easy problem, Car Popularity Prediction, but failed to solve it perfectly. It is simply a multi-classification problem: Given m features, map it to one of the 4 classes.

I saw many people perfectly completed it. Therefore, I wonder if it is possible to share your approach? In my solution, what I did was to use a simple sklearn SVM and a grid search on C from 0.001 to 100. Only these few line of codes could get me 0.92. Run it a few more times and I get 0.94, but it was not possible to get 1.

I would be thankful if you can share with me what you have done to solve such problem perfectly. Thank you. Besides, is there anyone knowing how to resubmit the problem? I tried to resubmit but their server did not accept?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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