HackerRank University CodeSprint 4

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Hello Codeforces Community,

I am glad to share HackerRank's University Codesprint 4 starting on 23rd February 2018. The contest duration is 48 hours.

The winners of the contest will win up to 1000USD cash prizes. The top 100 will also win awesome hoodies. (The winners will be required to give proof that they are currently enrolled in the university they represented during University CodeSprint.)

The contest will be rated. If two person gets the same score, the person who reached the score first will be ranked higher. There will be a separate ranklists for schools.

There will be 7 algorithmic challenges in this contest.

The problems were prepared by Alladdin, prateekg, niyaznigmatul, BishalG, anuj95, wanbo, svanidz1, kevinsogo, xennygrimmato, geek_geek, Wild_Hamster, shashank21j.

Good luck and Happy Coding!

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