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Hi all,

We Computer Science Department at IIT Madras are hosting the contest comp.exe on Codechef(link) as part of our department fest Exebit.The contest will take place on 11th April,2018 at 21:00 IST.
The problemsetters and testers for the contest are me(teja349) and MegaBidoof. Thanks to TooDifferent for helping us in preparation of the contest.
I personally feel problemset is around Div2 level.There will be 8 problems with ACM type scoring.The contest is team contest (teams of 2).Duration is 120 minutes.

There are prizes worth 6K (only for Indian participants).

Registrations for prizes: Register here before the contest starts to be eligible for prizes. Hope you enjoy the contest!!!Good luck and have fun.

Lets discuss problems after contest (if any).

UPD: Contest starts in less than 1hr.All the best!!!

Thanks for the participation!!

We are sorry that for the question GCD Queries segment tree solutions and sparse solutions could pass. Though we had a solution with complexity of O((q+n)*log(MAX_element)).We leave it for you to try it.

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