ACM-ICPC Asia East Continent League Final 2017
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Hello, Codeforces!↵

I have moved the ACM-ICPC Asia East Continent League Final 2017 to Codeforces gym, it is the biggest ICPC round in the Asia East continent last year which is hold by Shanghai University in December 17, 2017.↵

Contest link:↵

The contest writers are: [user:liympanda,2018-04-13],[user:liymsheep,2018-04-13],[user:sd0061,2018-04-13],[user:Ruins,2018-04-13],[user:lxhgww,2018-04-13],[user:Sindweller,2018-04-13] and [user:czy941030,2018-04-13].↵

Hope you can enjoy it! Good luck and have fun!


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