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HackerRank — Week of Code 38

Revision en1, by kevinsogo, 2018-06-18 07:49:07

Hello, CodeForces Community!

HackerRank's Week of Code 38 is starting today, June 18th 7:00am UTC.

Each day, from Monday to Saturday, we'll unlock a new challenge for you to solve. The contest is rated and the top 10 hackers will win HackerRank T-shirts.

The maximum score for each problem decreases by 10% at the end of every 24 hours. Also, your submissions will run on hidden test cases at the end of every 24 hours.

The contest problems are written and tested by kevinsogo, koca_kodza, ashmelev, Saurabh42, VastoLorde95, nonsequitur, shashank21j, zemen, pkacprzak,, niyaznigmatul. (I assume these people use the same CF and HR handles.)

Good luck and happy coding!

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