The state of Codeforces

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Recently I have witnessed some insults to the greatness of Codeforces.

A recent blog post by 140870 titled "Please read this" was just downvoted into oblivion. The contents of this post were entirely meaningless; truly a deep and intriguing commentary on the meaning of modern life in the information age. But that is not central to the point here.

Fourteen months ago DEGwer made a similar post, he reached 100 upvotes for similar (but perhaps overly lengthy) commentary.

How is it, friends, that one post may acquire so many upvotes, while the other acquires the same magnitude of votes in the opposite direction? The answer is simple: a degradation of moral values; a tendency to vote for whoever has the brightest color.

Friends, Codeforcians, countrymen, lend me your ears.

It is time for us to eliminate the colorism that is the blight on our glorious empire. Did you know that for every rating point a specialist has, a legendary grandmaster has two? But specialists comprise so much more of this great nation — thousands of specialists to dozens of legendary grandmasters. Clearly this is an unfair arrangement. Yet the patricians of our nation proliferate the myth that somehow certain users are "better" than others at algorithm competitions. Untrue. All citizens of Codeforces deserve the same rights and respect — and rating. We live in the modern world; inequality is on the fast-track to eradication. Everywhere but here, apparently.

I have been disappointed with the recent state of our affairs (including a post discussing the qualities of certain "beautiful" trees — blasphemy; all trees are beautiful). I see the potential waiting to bloom in all of us; yet it is squandered on oppressing our fellow members. It is time for us to reassert our control of our own future, denounce the degeneracy and inequality of the old world, and step into a brighter future.

Remember: only you can decide the fate of Codeforces. The choice is in your hands.

Will YOU make Codeforces great again?


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