SnackDown 2019 — Online Pre-Elimination rules

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Pre-Elimination round of SnackDown will take place today.

But I can't understand the rules with Judging Criteria, how they will sort the teams with equal number of tasks (or points).

On the page of round it is written (Link):

Users are ranked according to the most problems solved. Ties will be broken by the total time for each user in ascending order of time.

However, on the page of the SnackDown2019 it is written (Link):

The qualification & pre-elimination rounds will use score based ranking system.

And if we go by the link, what it is score based ranking system, we get ( Link )

The ties are unresolved. The time elapsed is not considered.

So we have contradiction in the rules, what the rules will be used in the contest? It is good to know it before that start of the contest.

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