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My ICPC team is hoping to attend one of the several ICPC training camps before world finals, but we are not sure which one would be best for us. I am aware of the camps run by Moscow International Workshop ICPC and Harbour.Space, as well as the Petrozavodsk camp and a Brazilian camp.

I have a few questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Are there any other camps I'm missing? Is it known yet which ones are happening this winter/spring?
  • How do the levels of difficulty differ at the different camps? My team is not really medal-tier, so I worry it might be kind of a waste to go to one of the harder camps; at the same time, we want to do our best, so practicing on WF-difficulty sets is good.
  • How friendly are the different camps to students who only speak English? (For both official things like problem statements and analysis, and also unofficial things like being able to socialize with other teams)

Hoping someone can shed some light on some of these things.


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