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Accepted Solution Links Retriever
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This can be helpful for people who want to retrieve all of their accepted Codeforces solution links.↵

I implemented [this](https://github.com/omaryasser/Codeforces-Solutions-Retriever/blob/master/main.go) simple script in **GoLang** as I needed to collect all of my Codeforces solution links and put them on Github in [this](https://github.com/omaryasser/Competitive-Programming/tree/master/Solutions/Codeforces%20Solutions) format.↵

### Running↵
* **Download** [main.exe](https://github.com/omaryasser/Codeforces-Solutions-Retriever/blob/master/main.exe) file.↵
* Open the **terminal** and go to the directory containing 
```main.exe```the downloaded file.↵
* Type ```./main.exe``` to **execute** the code.↵
* You will be asked for the **Codeforces handle** for which the accepted solution links will be retrieved.↵

I hope this helps.↵


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