Most annoying person on CF

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It is this time of year! Many people trying to summarize all the things happened during the year. And since I love to hate people, I want to make a vote for most annoying person on CF in 2018.

I know that I'm in top contributors list for too long, so to vote for given person you should downvote the comment with this person's handle(s). Due to the nature of voting through comments on CF, you can vote for many people, and you can also upvote comments if you find given person's comments helpful/funny/positive.

If you care for your contribution but want to nominate a candidate, you can PM me their handle(s), then I will write a comment to vote. Note that I will write that it was you who nominated this person, so it saves your contribution but not relationships with the nominee. I will ignore messages from people without rating.
If you hate someone already nominated so much that you want them to know, you can also PM me so I'll add you to list of people who nominated given person.
Obviously, you can nominate someone with your own comment, but watch out for downvotes.
Also, you can try to increase your contribution by nominating some very nice people unanimously loved by community. In that case I will nominate you right after that.

I know that I'm obvious candidate, especially after writing this post. But I don't annoy me, so go on and show me your hatred :)

Love you all, Um_nik.

Here are our champions:
-515 rotavirus
-316 riela
-264 MikeMirzayanov
-236 peltorator
-224 CodingKnight
-198 adamant
-166 droptable
-143 kostka
-135 300iq
-135 I_Love_isaf28
-134 I_love_I_love_isaf27


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