Hello 2019

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Hello coders! I hope that you are enjoying the New Year as much as me. To make its beginning even greater, Codeforces is going to host a contest and I will be an author of all tasks. Hello 2019 will take place on Friday.

Using the opportunity, I want to thank to:

  • lewin and mnbvmar for testing the round.
  • mnbvmar for indescribably helpful discussions about problems.
  • _kun_ and KAN for round coordination and help with preparation.
  • MikeMirzayanov for such great platforms (you know which ones :P).

The round will consist of 8 problems and you will be given two and a half hours to solve them. Yes, the round will be rated.

There will be no interactive problems, but if you want you can read this document anyway, it's always good to learn new things.

Good luck and see you during the contest!

UPD: Editorial

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