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South African Camp/Olympiad CMS Page

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Has it always been your lifelong dream to flex on the South African IOI team? Or maybe you've run out of problems to solve and want to solve more? Or maybe you just want a self-confidence boost from solving some somewhat easy problems?

Well, you're in luck!

South Africa will (hopefully) be using a CMS page open to the public for all future olympiads and camps.

Simply go to and register for an account to solve our problems and/or flex on the South African IOI team by getting perfect scores in under an hour.

Currently, there is only 1 "contest" with 6 problems running, but more will be made in due time. Solutions can only be submitted in C++ or Java right now, but Python3 support will probably be added later in the year.

The scoreboard can be found at (The scoreboard takes a while to update rankings, so don't be alarmed when your name doesn't show up on the scoreboard at first)

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