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I am assuming that a majority of the users in Codeforces use Google Translate to write their blogs and comments

Why to NOT use Google Translate

Do any of you know Wikipedia?

It's a website a bunch of people all over the world contribute to educate someone on some topic. Even though the content is constantly checked or revised, there may still be some false information, which is why in most schools Wikipedia is not allowed as a proper source.

Google Translate is pretty much the same thing. Almost anyone can give a suggestion for a translation, and if the person checking likes it, then BAM!, your suggestion is the new translation.

I am not saying Google Translate is bad (I use google translate to finish my Mandarin homework), but check this out:

I translated the sentence: Codeforces is awesome by 10 different languages, and then translated it back to English.

Here's what I got:

After translating...

Yep... the translation is both terrible and inappropriate especially for someone like me who's only 13 years old.

I am not saying Google Translate is terrible... just not trustworthy. If you're translating a short sentence, like "Hi dad", then the translation will probably be correct.

Just putting this out there: Beware! Your translation may be wrong!

A picture of an example of a translation failure:

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy translating!

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