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OI Wiki: A wiki dedicated to competitive programming

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The url is , it should also be easy to remember.

Hi everyone, over the past few months my friends and I have been working on building OI wiki. We've been collecting problems, articles and interesting resources related to competitive programming. It now has over 200 pages, and is still growing.

I hope you can enjoy what we have built as well as what we might add in the near future. Here I'd like to invite you to join us and contribute whatever interesting algorithm/data-structure/techniques/problems/articles you encounter, so that others might also benefit.

Our ultimate goal is to make this wiki a sort of companion or guide for the competitive programmer who's trying to learn something. Currently OI wiki is far from perfect, and there still are a lot more topics not covered. But we have detailed plans to make it better.

If you would like to help us build this wiki, or you find this idea quite interesting, please, get in touch. More details can be found in our Github repo: GitHub — 24OI/OI-wiki We are now using mkdocs to build the site, and all our articles are written with markdown.

Finally, wish you and your family a happy Chinese New Year! Wan shi ru yi!

咦? OI wiki 是个啥?其实是某大型游戏线上攻略啦,围观链接是 , 我相信它很好记(

亲爱的同学们大家好,在过去的几个月里我和我的小伙伴们在建设 OI wiki。我们收集了我们觉得有趣的题目、文章等相关的资料。现在,我们已经编写了 200 多个页面,而这个数字仍在持续增长中。

希望我们现在的以及不久想要添加的内容能让各位觉得还不错,希望能够邀请到你加入我们,把你在竞赛生涯遇到的有趣的 算法、数据结构、技巧、题目、文章 分享出来,这样或许可以帮助到别人。

我们希望可以通过这个 wiki 帮助到更多想学到东西的人,在大家的竞赛生涯中扮演一个指南的角色。目前我们还有很多没有覆盖的内容, OI wiki 还远远不够完善,但是我们制定了详细的计划。

如果你愿意加入 OI wiki 的建设工作,或是觉得这个 idea 很有趣,欢迎与我们保持联系。更多内容可以到我们的 Github 仓库转转:GitHub — 24OI/OI-wiki 。我们现在在用 mkdocs 来构建网站,所有的文章都是用 markdown 编写的。


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