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Last three blogs on main page of CF shouldn't be on main page. And it become quite common thing in recent CF practice. Main page should contain only something that all users should see. Of course, round announcements, platform upgrades and sponsor posts should be on main. Blogewoosh had some rights to be on main because it was cool series of blogs which had chosen CF as its platform so CF should have praise it (but it would be nothing wrong for it to be just in Radewoosh's posts like everything else). But all other stuff? Let's look at some examples for the last year.

Important: I'm not saying that these blogs are bad. Most of them are good. But why are they on main page? CF have great blogs system, every user can write something helpful. Just don't put random stuff on main.

Some algorithm stuff which is better than other algorithm stuff, I guess:
C++ STL: Order of magnitude faster hash tables with Policy Based Data Structures
Linear Recurrence and Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm
[Tutorial] Searching Binary Indexed Tree in O(log(N)) using Binary Lifting
Don't use rand(): a guide to random number generators in C++ — this one is kinda mandatory for participating in CF rounds due to bad compilers on CF, so it is good that it was on main
Blowing up unordered_map, and how to stop getting hacked on it

Random contests in gym which are better than other contests in gym, I guess:
Original Gym contest: Geometry Special 2018
2018-2019 ACM-ICPC, Asia Xuzhou Regional Contest (Online Mirror on Gym)
ROI 2018 in GYM

Promoting Errichto, I guess:
Sums and Expected Value — part 1
Lecture #3 — Exchange arguments (sorting with dp)

More sponsored stuff??
Анонс кружков от tinkoff.ru
My Course at Harbour.Space University: Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures (January, 2019) — selfpromotion, also nobody should pay 1000 euro for a course no matter what this course is. This is just abusing position as Codeforces CEO

Lunch Club at ICPC WF
The D programming language in competitive programming
Codeforces Contests Picker Goes Live: Celebrating ICPC Season
Team dashboard
Let's bring souvenirs to the ICPC World Finals
Unnecessary blogs on main

MikeMirzayanov's personal blog:
Hello, ITMO! — yes, there are some inforamtion about platform improvements but it is just an excuse to write this post
Codeforces Round #547 (Div. 3) — round announcement? Um_nik is totally crazy. Well, yes, but the photo and "I'm so cool I made a round in 6 hours" is nonsense. Also how about wait in line for half a year like others do?

It looks like it is just a question of whether Mike saw and liked the post. MikeMirzayanov, CF main page is not your personal blog. Please don't use it as your favorite tab.

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