Invitation to Code Mélange V (Rated for All on Codechef)

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Hey all!

We're glad to announce the 5th edition of Code Mélange, a 4 Hour algorithmic contest to be hosted on Codechef organized by IIT Indore and sponsored by Arcesium.

Code Melange V

The contest starts on 9PM IST, 14th April, 2019, and ends on 1AM IST, 15th April, 2019. Check out the timings for your timezone here. The contest is ACM styled, will consist of around 10 problems of varying difficulty, and will be rated for both div 1 and div 2 participants.

Link to the Contest

There are prizes worth ₹30K to be won.

Problem setters and testers include vntshh Seven kr_abhinav pushpendra1997 gi_sha dc99 and kalpitk

Tags #codemelange, #iitindore, #codechef


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