Multiple cheating cases by same users

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Today while hacking I came across the following solutions by amitgomi and Born_Confused

53149949 and 53156694 which are exactly same, the variable "tes" is added by amitgomi to avoid plagiarism.

And I further noticed that they had been doing this in a lot of contests.

The culprits involved are from the same college/organisation(IIIT Lucknow) : amitgomi, Born_Confused and the_phoenixx.

I found these 6 cases in the past 10-12 contests alone( probably more if we look into more past rounds ) :

These are just the ones which can be seen clearly are copied from one another. I have ommitted submissions which are very similar (like these 52702208 and 52707014 (change of flow) from 551 Div2) which I highly suspect are copied as well.

In such cases of continued cheating shouldn't the accounts be banned?


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