DP Tutorial and Problem List

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Today I've listed some DP tutorials and problems. Actually, I made it for my personal practice. But I think It may Help others too.

Note: If you have some other tutorial links and nice problems, mention them. I'll add them here. It'll help me too.

Dynamic programming:

  1. Topcoder Tutorial
  2. Dynamic Programming,from novice to advanced
  3. Learn DP and other tricks
  4. Non-trivial DP tricks
  5. Everything about Dynamic Programming
  6. Digit DP 1
  7. some solutions of digit dp problems
  8. digit Dp for product digits
  9. Digit Dp tutorial bangla
  10. Digit DP hackerrank tutorial
  11. Important problems solutions of Digit DP
  12. DP on trees
  13. DP on trees problem-3
  14. DP on trees
  15. A Tricky DP Problem on Trees
  16. Bitmask DP
  17. SOS Dp
  18. Sum Over Subsets
  19. bitmask dp, buildup sos dp
  20. A little bit of classics: dynamic programming over subsets and paths in graphs

Problems related to Dynamic Programming:

You have to solve these problems to develop DP skills

Simple DP Problems:

Lightoj Problems

New Year and the Permutation Concatenation


Stars Drawing(Easy Version)

Consecutive Subsequence


permute Digits

Mike and GCD Problem

Mahmud and message

Travel Card

Coloring Trees

Robbers' Watch

Alyona And the tree

Geometric Progression

Kyoya and balls

soldier and number game


Bitmask DP problems:

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

problem 5

problem 6

problem 7

Problem 8

DP on Trees Problems:

Appleman and Trees

Counting On Trees


Coffee shop


Binary Apple Tree

Tree pruning

Anniveersary Problem

Berland Fedaralization

Some Hard DP Problems:

Complete Mirror

Destroy it!

Nauuo and Pictures (easy version)

Ehab and the Expected GCD Problem

And Reachability

Card Bag

Leaf Partition

Sonya and Informatics


Power Tree

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