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Hello Codeforces,

After taking a quick look at the blog my fellow friend farmersrice created (btw I totally support the idea of having a CP anime) I thought, hey... why not have a CP webtoon?

For those of you who don't know what Webtoons is, it is a type of digital comic owned by Naver Corporation that originated from South Korea. To learn more, visit this Wikipedia page or just contact me.

At first, Webtoons was only popular in South Korea but soon enough Webtoons got popular all over the world in the late 2000s. Webtoons are so popular at my school that even all of the teachers read it!

Here is the link to the Korean version of webtoons, and here is the English version of it.

I think that it might be cool if Codeforces could start creating their own webtoon, and I think it will get popular very quickly if we can all think of some kind of interesting storyline. Not only will competitive programming become more well-known, but you can actually make a good amount of profit if you're webtoon becomes popular. Thus, I think creating a webtoon will be very beneficial to Codeforces and the rest of the computer science world.

BTW haters please don't hate -- I am just throwing an idea out there. It's Codeforces choice to have a webtoon or not.

If someone has a good storyline for an anime or webtoon please comment!

Possible Storylines

  • The Daily Life of a Competitive Programmer
  • The Love Life of a Competitive Programmer
  • A Competitive Programmer at School
  • A Competitive Programmer at his/her Job

I don't know really... just throwing these storyline ideas out there!

Thanks for reading and happy coding! ~DreamR

PS I would make my own competitive programming for Codeforces but I honestly suck at art. xD

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