Personal labels for contests in Gym [Feature request]

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How do I choose contest for practice: go to Gym, set difficulty to 4+ and duration to 5h, look through the list. In some of the contests I already participated, it is clearly visible in the list.

Problem: On the top there are other contests I don't want, I have to skip them every time and this list is growing. Why would I not want given contest? Maybe I participated on a different platform, or maybe difficulty is not right for me, or maybe I want to leave it for later team training.

Obviously, CF cannot detect any of these issues. But maybe we can have button "don't show this contest for me", just like Fav button? MikeMirzayanov

Another (less useful for me, but maybe more useful for community) possible feature is to allow users with coach mode to change difficulty settings. C'mon, low red get total in 4h, how is this a 4 star.

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