How did I trade my red blood for my red grandmaster status

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Disclaimer: Please don't try this at home. I just find this occasion quite hilarious and want to share with you guys :D

So yesterday I was hanging out with my folks, and there were some mild alcohol here and there (I drank some apple cider, please don't call the police I just reached 18) and I was a bit drowsy but definitely not drunk. I was just chilling when I checked on my phone and realized it was a mere 7 minutes until Codeforces Round #573 (Div. 1). If it was for any normal human being, they would probably skipped the contest and continue the fun. However, because I am not drunk at all, I decided that I should run home and participate. So I excused myself out of the party and sprinted as fast as I can.

On the path back home, there were 2 paths, one is clear and nicely lighted but a little bit further, and one involved running through a badly-lighted park but it was shorter in distance. As a programmer, I applied the Dijkstra algorithm immediately and sprinted through the park with maximum power. Little did I know, the shorter path does not always have the lower weight. There was a giant boulder in the middle of the park, and since the park was a little dark and I am definitely not drunk, I scratched my knee onto the boulder. It kinda hurt, but I just shrugged and ran through the rest of the park. Upon reaching home, I was greeted with this (mild bleeding warning).

However, it turns out my dedication was paid off, since I probably peaked my all-time performance, solving 4 problems in div 1 for the first time and at one point even reached the 8th place with a +221 predicted delta. There's not much to say afterwards, I regained my grandmaster status with no failed system test :D

So you could say I literally traded my red blood for my red grandmaster status. Please don't do this unless you are definitely not drunk.


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