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Looking for Training Partner

Revision en1, by bsbs, 2019-07-20 23:35:17

Hi everyone,

To put simply, I want to improve my CP level. But I am not so consistent in my training. So, I'm looking for someone whose level is near mine and interested in improving his level.

I'm thinking about making it something like a race for who gets faster to be expert/blue. And if turned out to be efficient method of practice, I'll continue with him to train for higher levels. However, each of us will be training on his own to improve his level. And we will check our progress in the contests. So it is required from the training partner to participate quite often in the contests. (this method is negotiable)

The reason for using such a method is that I tried it before in my study and it turned out to be useful (sometimes).

Everyone, I'll be happy to hear your opinions about this method, even if you are not interested in training with me.

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