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After the World Final this year, I think that instead of let the reference material we used rot in a depository, it is better if we can collaborate and polish a piece of reference that can serve as the foundation for any team that wishes to best their skill in contests, or for any person who wishes to achieve a higher rating on Codeforces. After all, who can say that they haven't thought of "color their name red" on this website?

So here it is, Allow me to present you Luna's Magic Reference, which is the foundation we used to develop our reference for the ICPC contests last year: https://github.com/Nisiyama-Suzune/LMR

I hope that you can try to utilize it in the next contest, point out bugs or confusing parts if you find any, and share your own masterpiece of code that can potentialy benefit the whole community.

Thanks in advance and wish you all high rating!

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