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Some questions about partial points in Polygon

Revision en2, by Ahnaf.Shahriar.Asif, 2019-08-03 09:43:02

I have a question. I have enabled "are test points allowed?" from the general description. Then I got a new column to specify test points individually. Please look at the picture bellow:


And the picture of Groups points policy:


Now, what to do? I have 20 test cases for group 1, 30 for group 2 and 50 for group 3. I want to give partial points to each of the individual groups. I want to give 20 points to group 1, 30 to group 2 and 50 to group 3. But how to do this? I can't find any option for this. And I set 1 point for each individual test cases. Will they be added up? I mean I have 20 cases for group 1 and each of them worths 1 point. Will they add up and make 20 points for that particular group?

Edit: This is my Checker code: Checker

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